Results Week Ending 10.9.2023

Wednesday Stableford
Winner: Jim Piper 32 points
R/Up: Max Trinick 31 points
Ball comp Adrian Rudd
 3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein –S Trinick 720cm
 8 th – Drummond Golf -Sunraysia Golf Range 305cm
 12 th -Club Voucher Jim Piper 295cm
Saturday saw the medallist of the year final. This year’s winner is Dylan Burnett with 88/71, congratulations Dylan
Our Daily competition was stroke.
Prize winners.
1st: Simon Dowling 83/68
2nd: Graeme Kerr 89/69
Ball Comp: Dylan Burnett 88/71, Michael Thompson 80/74.
The NAGA trophy donated by Gavin Fields went to Claude Dawson, with respect no score published.
·  3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Alan Gourlay 408 cm
·  3rd – Pigeon Dollars – Alan Gourlay
·  8th – Drummond Golf – Sunraysia Golf Range – Ken Matulick 610 cm
·  12th – G&T Schnitzels  – Simon Dowling 137 cm
·  16th – Merbein Lions Club – Keryn Neindorf 323 cm, Keryn also won the weekly lions club award
Meat Raffle Randomiser – Graeme Kerr. 
Wednesday– Stableford – tee off from 12 noon
Saturday Stableford
Sunday Stableford, tee off between 8.00am and 10.00am
The clubhouse painting is almost complete so we are not far away from the opening