Round 2 Championship Results – results 15 October

Wednesday saw a good field participate on the course which is in a good a condition as it has been for some time thanks to the hard work by our volunteers. The day was a Stableford event.
Winner: Doggie Watson 35 points
R/Up: Frank Crouch 32 points
 12 th -Club Voucher – Shane Trinick 525cm
 16 th -Merbein Lions Club – Doggie Watson 1020cm
 16 th -Merbein Lions Club Weekly – Doggie Watson 

Saturday saw the second round of the club championships and the daily stroke competition
Winners of the daily competition;
1st: Anthony Lee 73/68
2nd: John Bell 81/71
Ball Comp: Gavin Hocking 86/73
·  3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Jason Binding 280cm
·  3rd – Pigeon Dollars – Jason Binding
·  12th – G&T Schnitzels  – Ethan Gray 144cm
·  16th – Merbein Lions Club – Alan Gourlay 387 cm which beats Doggies 1020cm from Wednesday
Meat Raffle Randomiser – Tim Rix
Club Championship standings at the half way mark
A Grade Net – Ant Lee 144, John Bell 148
A Grade gross Ant Lee 154, Steve Farley 160
B Grade net Dylan Burnett 147, Paul Mulder 147
B Grade gross Paul Mulder 173, Ken Matulick 175