Results – Week ending 2 July

Saturday was our Monthly Medal Stroke competition, Michael Thompson saluted with 77/71 in a runaway win. Runner up was Paul “Fox” Mulder 88/74 with a ball going to Pres John Bell 85/75


· 3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Ken Matulick 330 cm

· 3rd – Pigeon Dollars – Ken Matulick

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club – Matt Vining 440 cm

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club “Weekly” – Matt Vining

Meat Raffle Randomiser – Michael Thompson


Todays event – Stableford – tee off from 12 noon

Saturday – Par

Prepare yourselves for the following week, we have the “FOXHUNT” coming on the 22nd July Keep the date, more details next week.

Keep an eye on the new clubrooms, we are hopeful of some progress this week with the kitchen due to be installed and some concreting outside also getting laid. Thanks Oscar for volunteering to help out