Results Week Ending July 9

Wednesday’s Stableford event was won by Adrian Rudd with 35 points with runner up Mark Holding 33 points


· 3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Jack Wilson 310 cm

· 12th-Club Voucher – Adrian Rudd149 cm

Saturday was a par event that attracted a good quality field. Robert Redman saluted with a very respectable +2 with runner up Stuart (Doggie) Watson finishing on +1

Balls were awarded to Mark Holding who finished square and Carlo Longeri -1


· 3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Mark White 510 cm

· 3rd – Pigeon Dollars – Mark White 510 cm

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club – Michael Thompson 680

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club “Weekly” – Michael Thompson 680

Meat Raffle Randomiser – Mark Holding


Wednesday– Stableford – tee off from 12 noon

Saturday 15th July is the “Foxhunt” This is a 4BBB Stableford event with $300 cash prizes up for grabs plus some other novelty items during play