Results 17 July

Wednesday was our normal Stableford event; the winner was Alan Gourlay with 35 points from Ryan Teasdale runner up decided by countback. The ball comp was Jim Piper on 33 points. Ryan Teasdale was the only player to hit the green on any of our par 3’s taking the prize on the Merbein Lions Club 16th finishing 1441 cm from the pin

Saturday was the “Foxhunt” sponsored by Paul (Fox) Mulder and Graeme Dunne. It was a 4BBB Stableford event with a difference, Foxholes were stationed around the course and if your ball landed in a fox hole you added or subtracted the number of points identified in the Fox hole from the score for that hole.

The sponsors played in the morning and to win you had to match their secret score. It was a different day and was a lot of fun.

Winners were the pairing of Terry Fitzpatrick and Howie McGaffin on 42 points with runners up, Doggie Watson and Dave Hancock.

Ball Comp: Al Gourlay and Graeme Kerr, and Gavin Gourlay and Simon Dowling.


· 3rd – Australian Vintage Merbein – Dave Hancock 191 cm

· 8th – Drummond Golf – Sunraysia Golf Range – Alan Gourlay 670 cm

· 12th – G & T Schnitzel Bar – Dave Hancock 340 cm

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club – Ryan Teasdale 65 cm

· 16th – Merbein Lions Club “Weekly” – Ryan Teasdale

Meat Raffle Randomiser – Graeme Dunn